2019 in numbers

My year in numbers for 2019.

Conversion of page to Hugo/Academic

I now finished converting this page (and in particular, the ~80 news posts) to use the Hugo framework with Academic theme.

Public Disclosure of KNOB Attack

We are finally able to announce our KNOB attack work, a project with Daniele Antonioli (SUTD) and Kasper Rasmussen (Oxford). In the work, we show that the Bluetooth protocol as used by billions of devices is broken from a security perspective, and attackers can eavesdrop and manipulate communication in a stealthy way.

Google’s Security Conference/Journal ranking 2019

An analysis of the Google Metrics 2019 for security venues.

Successful PhD Defenses by Daniele and Hamid

My two first PhD students, Daniele Antonioli and Hamid Ghaeini, successfully defended their PhD in Singapore yesterday. Daniele presented his thesis with the title "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Secure Cyber-Physical and Wireless Systems", which included two recent tier one publications. Hamid's thesis has the title "Threats to Industrial Control Systems and Process-based Countermeasures", and included a recent RAID paper.

2018 in numbers

My year in numbers for 2018.

Google’s Security Conference/Journal ranking 2018

An analysis of the Google Metrics 2018 for security venues.

Joining CISPA in August

In August 2018, I will leave SUTD and join CISPA as faculty member. CISPA is a German research center focusing on world-class security research, headed by Michael Backes..

2017 in numbers

My year in numbers for 2017.

Visit by Ralph Holz

Prof. Ralph Holz from Syndey University will visit SUTD on 7 Nov. At 3pm in LT3, he will give a public talk on the following topic.