Think-In event at SCy-Phy Systems Week

We have finalized our selection of panelists for the 2-day Think-In event at next week’s SCy-Phy Systems week. We were fortunate to find a set of excellent speakers, for in total 5 panels

  • Keynote: Neil Hershfield, Deputy Director, ICS-CERT
  • Threats Panel: Neil Hershfield, Marina Krotofil, and Soon Chia Lim
  • Interconnected Systems Panel: David Nicol, Sahra Sarvestani, and Robert Kooij
  • Models Panel: Sjouke Mauw, Alvaro Cardenas, and Dieter Gollmann
  • Defences Panel: Mauro Conti, Gerhard Hancke, and Biplab Sikdar
  • Translating to Industry Panel: Jorge Cuellar, Matthieu Lec’Hvien, and David Ong

In addition, we will have invited talks by Marina, Dieter, Sjouke, and Sahra on Wednesday and Thursday.

The program sheet can be found here.

Nils Ole Tippenhauer
Nils Ole Tippenhauer

I am interested in information security aspects of practical systems. In particular, I am currently working on security of industrial control systems and the Industrial Internet of Things.