2016 in numbers

As a follow-up to last year’s post, a quick personal note on my scholar profile. At the end of January 2017, my publications reached 700 citations according to Google scholar (vs. 500 at this time last year). Google scholar currently lists 43 publications (vs 22 last year, most peer-reviewed), and one US patent. Our first GPS paper currently has 138 cites, and the Wi-Fi localization paper also crossed the 100 cite threshold with total of 110 cites. My h-index has gone down to 11 due to some removal of cites (I assume).

Semantic scholar lists my profile with 1008 cites. They seem to extrapolate yearly cites. They also indicate how many papers were strongly influenced by my work (7), which seems like a nice feature.

Other numbers for 2016: Github lists 807 commits to repositories. I received 16,623 mails on my university account (after removal of spam). Per working day, that would make around 64 mails. I sent 4,400 mails (18 per working day). Both numbers are quite close to my 2015 statistics, so at least it’s not getting worse.

Nils Ole Tippenhauer
Nils Ole Tippenhauer

I am interested in information security aspects of practical systems. In particular, I am currently working on security of industrial control systems and the Industrial Internet of Things.