Successful PhD Defenses by Daniele and Hamid

My two first PhD students, Daniele Antonioli and Hamid Ghaeini, successfully defended their PhD in Singapore yesterday. Daniele presented his thesis with the title “Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Secure Cyber-Physical and Wireless Systems”, which included two recent tier one publications. Hamid’s thesis has the title “Threats to Industrial Control Systems and Process-based Countermeasures”, and included a recent RAID paper.

Daniele is now a PostDoc of Mathias Payer at EPFL, and Hamid joined Michael Backes' group as PostDoc.

Nils Ole Tippenhauer
Nils Ole Tippenhauer

I am interested in information security aspects of practical systems. In particular, I am currently working on security of industrial control systems and the Industrial Internet of Things.