Kopipacket ranks first in Cross-CTF qualifiers

A three-member selection of our Kopipacket team scored first place at the Cross-CTF qualifiers. Congratulations Flavio, John, and Randy!

First place for kopipacket at ICS/SCADA Hacking Competition

Kopipacket placed first in ICS/SCADA Hacking Competition at the 2017 Singapore ICS Cyber Security Conference. Congratulations to our members Eric, Juan and Athul (all working with Prof. Ochoa)!

SCy-Phy Systems Week 2017

We will organize the third SCy-Phy systems week in June, from 5 June 2017 to 9 June 2017. As part of the event, we will have a 2 day Think-In session with panelists and interactive discussions, and another iteration of the S3 event.

Kopipacket 2016

Together with Martin Ochoa, I founded SUTD’s first CTF team Kopipacket in January 2016. While we were pretty busy with other things for most of the summer, we still managed to participate in 12 CTF events (with placements between 11th and 893rd). Overall, we end the year on place 209 of the global CTF team leaderboard.


Together with Asst. Prof. Martín Ochoa, I am currently setting up a team of researchers and students to compete in capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions.