SeCon 2020

I will be teaching one day of classes at CISPA's 2nd edition of the Young Researcher Security Convention in March 2020. My classes will provide an overview of Hot topics in Cyber-Physical Security, for example current approaches to security in practical Industrial Control Systems, and recent research directions to improve the state of the art.

Cyber-Physical System Security School

I will be teaching one day of classes at the Cyber-Physical System Security School at the University of Padova in July 2019.


As part of the exercises for my 50.020 Security class, we needed a simple setup to test XSS, SQL injection, and command injection attacks. Instead of using solutions such as the standard OWASP webserver, this year I decided to write my own minimal application (using Python/Flask) which I called YAVW.

Writing Presentations in Org-mode Markup

For two years now, I am almost exclusively using the toolchain of org-mode+emacs+beamer+pdflatex to prepare my presentations for conferences and lectures. In this post, I want to share the basic setup to quickly reproduce for others.