At CISPA/Uni Saarland, I am currently teaching an advanced lecture on physical-layer security (SoSe'19). In summer of 2018, I taught a Proseminar on the same topic.

Before joining CISPA, I developed and taught the undergraduate Security and Networks classes at SUTD. Each class had 5 hours of interaction with students a week, over 14 weeks (including recess week and examinations).


The security and networks classes are the core electives of ISTD’s popular “security & communications” track. In 2016, we were able to award a special award to the overall best performing student in that track (sponsored by DSTA).

The security class features a three week group project to design and implement a security challenge for your classmates. The challenges can then be solved by the teams as part of a CTF we are hosting. From 2016 onwards, the three top teams were awarded cash prizes sponsored by Citybank.

In 2018, Kaspersky also donated an award for best student in 50.020 Security.


Spring50.020 Security


Fall50.012 Networks
Spring50.020 Security


Fall 50.012 Networks
Spring50.020 Security


Fall50.012 Networks
Spring50.012 Networks


Fall50.020 Security