50.012 Networks Fall 2017

Course syllabus. Please note that all data on this page is tentative and subject to change.


Lectures Cohort 1:

  • Tuesday, 11:30am, TT9
  • Wednesday, 11:30am, TT9

Lab (held in LEETlab, building 1, level 6):

  • Thursday, 10:30am

Teaching Team

  • Course Lead: Nils Tippenhauer
  • Lecturer: Jit Biswas
  • TA: Daniele Antonioli, Gayathri Sugumar

TA Contact

Hours: TBA

Important dates:

16 Oct 4:30 to 6pm will be midterm revision for Cohort 1. No other Makeup session is required.

Midterm: 17 Oct 2017 (Tue) (tentative), 8.30am – 10.30am

Final: 14 Dec 2017 (Thu), 3pm – 5pm