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Finals of NSE Data Challenge 2017

We held our finals for the National Science Experiment Data Challenge 2017 at SUTD on September 13. 11 finalist teams from secondary and post-secondary schools came to present their projects. Our guest of honour, Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, gave out the awards together with our sponsors. I served as on of the 6 Jury members for the selection of the winners. Overall, the event went great and it was amazing to see all the excited students discussing their science projects. Some impressions were shared on the minister’s facebook page, and in local media.

National Experiment Grant accepted

Our national experiment proposal was announced by President Dr Tony Tan. This project is led by Prof. Erik Wilhelm of the EPD pillar at SUTD. The project aims to provide Singaporean school students with smart sensors that can be used for scientific experiments at school. In total, it will involve 250,000 students over the next three years.

I will be involved in design and implementation of the communication infrastructure and centralized processing of the collected data.

The project is a joint effort by the Ministry of Education, National Research Foundation, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Science Centre Singapore.

SUTD-ASPIRE proposal accepted by NRF


NRF has announced the 7 accepted proposals (out of 20) for the National Cybersecurity Research programme, for a total funding of S$42M [1]. Our proposal, SUTD-ASPIRE, was selected as one of them. I will be track-PI for two out of the 6 tracks of SUTD-ASPIRE, for the track on “orthogonal defenses” and “Attacker models”. SUTD-ASPIRE focuses on “Advancing the Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics”, in particular power and water infrastructure. We plan to launch a website with more details on ASPIRE soon.

From the proposal:

Our objective is to conduct fundamental scientific research to improve the security of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that offer key services such as power. Our contributions will be: (a) principles, techniques, and software tools, and (b) validation of principles and design techniques through experiments using SUTD’s realistic testbeds. Together with our public and private partners, we ensure that the outcomes of the proposed research will have real-world impact. Consequently, our work will benefit Singapore along three dimensions: government interests, commercial interests and manpower development.



Project SAFE accepted

My proposal for Project SAFE was accepted by SUTD last week. The project will start in August’14 and is planned to run for three years. Overall funding is 100k SGD. From the proposal:

In recent years, the cyber-security of large-scale heterogeneous engineered systems such as public infrastructure and other distributed control systems has become an important problem. […] In this project, we will develop methods to perform practical and theoretical security assessments of devices typically found in such networks. In addition, we will also design strategies to detect and investigate past attacks.