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SCy-Phy Systems Week 2017

We will organize the third SCy-Phy systems week in June, from 5 June 2017 to 9 June 2017. As part of the event, we will have a 2 day Think-In session with panelists and interactive discussions, and another iteration of the S3 event (this year’s name: S317). At the S317, international teams from academia and industry will try to attack our Industrial Control System testbeds. More information here.

Kopipacket 2016

 d8b                           d8,                            d8b                      
 ?88                          `8P                             ?88                 d8P  
  88b                                                          88b             d888888P
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  888bd8P' d8P' ?88`?88'  ?88  88P`?88'  ?88d8P' ?88  d8P' `P  888bd8P' d8b_,dP  88P   
 d88888b   88b  d88  88b  d8P d88   88b  d8P88b  ,88b 88b     d88888b   88b      88b   
d88' `?88b,`?8888P'  888888P'd88'   888888P'`?88P'`88b`?888P'd88' `?88b,`?888P'  `?8b  
                     88P'           88P'                                               
                    d88            d88                                                 
                    ?8P            ?8P                                                 

Together with Martin Ochoa, I founded SUTD’s first CTF team Kopipacket in January 2016. While we were pretty busy with other things for most of the summer, we still managed to participate in 12 CTF events (with placements between 11th and 893rd). Overall, we end the year on place 209 of the global CTF team leaderboard. In Singapore, we placed third (behind narwhals (126) and greyhats (157)).

We are still looking for interested players – ideally from SUTD, but we also welcome outsiders.


Together with Asst. Prof. Martín Ochoa, I am currently setting up a team of researchers and students to compete in capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions. Such competitions are held on/ and offline, and usually consist of a range of individual security challenges (web, pwnage, crypto, forensics). We aim to participate in online events regularly to showcase our practical skills and train students. If you are interested to join, please contact me or Prof. Martín.